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"Are you ready to explain to Susu about everything?" He asked as he added three teaspoons of sugar into her tea and stirred it.


"Ahahahaha, long time no see, Ariana. Can't believe you're still this fierce. Didn't I give you the advice to quit being as fierce as a tiger when you two got married? I gave you the most memorable wedding gift." The man took out a hand mirror and fixed his fringe.


"I know what you're about to ask, but no. I won't let you go to that hell hole." Professor Luo Xia gripped the curved handle part of his cane and stomped on the floor.


Soon, her top slipped off and her bare chest was exposed. With only mini shorts and panties on, she shyly covered her breasts and turned to the side. He could feel the nervousness and slight tension from her. Even though seeing her reaction made him want to tease her even more, he stopped. He hugged her from behind and waited patiently for her to turn around herself.


"I believe you, but I still need to have some fun torturing these fishes. Can you have your secret team send them to my private cruise by the dock? Thanks. I owe you big time." Zhi Hei responded before he hung up the call to prepare for a busy night.


When Kitty was brought down by one of the guards, Zi Yan gave her an allergy shot and told her that they need to keep her for a few hours to make certain that the poison was totally cured. The placebo effect worked extremely well.

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"Therefore, whatever comes our way, I'll always knock down those obstacles with you. Always be by your side and face it with you. You can lean on me when you feel tired even without explaining anything to me. If you ever encounter any difficulties, I'll always be the man to support you behind the scenes."


Chen Nan hugged her close, "Then baby, shall we head after them and beat their mushiness? Your hubby, me, is pretty good at saying the most shameless lines. Heh. Let's mush Lily and Lin Que to death."


"Mm... I did those all for you because your smile is the best gift anyone could ever give me." His thumbs nervously moved back and forth against the back of her hand. She could feel the wetness of his sweaty palms as she continued, "Why? Why did you do all that, but wouldn't let me know about it? Why would you do it for all these years without asking for anything or telling me about it?"


Chen Mu was annoyed that his call almost woke Susu up from her nap. In order to end this call quicker, Chen Mu whispered, "I'll see you there."


She awkwardly stood there with her lips twitching, "How could you people be so rude? It was just a simple greeting." Her loud voice alarmed many other people who were getting their models ready for the event.


"So, you mean that if I could recover, then we can continue?" She asked him a challenging question that she was sure he would fall for.


"Okay." Tian Yuo was planning to ditch the event tonight because he didn't want to entertain the socialites. He didn't understand why he agreed to it after he had heard that Susu and Chen Mu were together. Once he heard that Susu 'seduced' Chen Mu, his expression darkened.



After a thorough explanation, Lin Que looked displeased as he said, "since I've tested the drug myself and the results of it came out to be vitamins, I'll let you off just this once. If I find out a second time, forget about obtaining your license and years of hard work. This is my first and final warning. Understand?"



She didn't know how hard it was for him to hold back and not hug her tightly again. She also didn't realize that his eyes turned pink as he turned around and headed for the bathroom. In his head, he recited her words. After closing the door behind him, he placed his hand on his chest where his heart felt suffocated and bitter, "I'll definitely find a cure for you. Definitely won't let you go."


Within seconds after her response, her lips captured his while her arms clung onto his nape. Her wet, soft kisses took him by surprise once again, but this time, neither of them were sitting. He pinned her body against the wall as his lips responded to hers. She wanted to feel his bare skin without the layers of clothing as her hands worked its way under his suit jacket and up to his shoulders; stripping the first layer off him.


What she didn't realize was that Alexander hid after turning the corner of the hall. Once she returned to the room, he covered his mouth and coughed up blood. "ah... the wound must have opened. Stupid, you knew you were going to fail but still took the mission. Oh wells, as long as she's alright."

  • Quickly, Lily and Ariana dialed their phones to reach the guys who were finishing up with the lab. Chen Nan started chanting Susu's name and took out his medical pen flashlight to give her some basic body checks. When her eyelids lifted up, it took her multiple blinks to adapt to the room lightings. Everyone could finally breathe and settle the heavy weights on their chest.
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